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Running a pub or restaurant can be hectic enough as it is without your cash management system causing problems along the way. To help everything run smoothly and get the most out of your business, using an EPOS systems is the best way forward. EPOS Systems EPOS systems benefit the pub and restaurant industries greatly. Getting patrons served quickly and simply, especially in a busy pub on a Friday night or a Saturday evening in a bustling restaurant, leads to happy customers, happy staff and more cash flowing in. EPOS systems as opposed to traditional cash registers present less potential problems and much easier use, especially at a bar where you have a lot of different drinks and meals for sale. Other benefits of EPOS systems include the acceptance of a variety of payment methods, as well as the utilisation of loyalty and gift cards, detailed sales reports, and easy management of inventory. Uniwell HX-5500 Out of our wide range of EPOS systems, the Uniwell HX-5500 is an ideal choice for pubs and restaurants. The 15 inch wide screen touch screen means the unit has a compact size compared to most cash register systems, able to fit in to a crowded bar along with multiple other units. The intuitive, easy to use touchscreen is the perfect unit for these establishments which often have high staff turnover rates; you can rest assured that any new staff will be able to be trained to confidently use a terminal very quickly. Using solid state memory as opposed to a hard disk drive means that there are no moving parts in this unit, making the risk of a system failure extremely low. Despite the compact size, the HX-5500 is available with a variety of system additions to make your job even easier, such as order printers, video displays for the kitchen, barcode scanners, and back office software. CRS Ipswich At CRS, we supply a comprehensive range of EPOS systems, as well as traditional cash registers. If you’re running a pub or restaurant and want to improve you and your staffs efficiency, then don’t hesitate to get in touch and enquire about our range of EPOS systems, or with any enquires you have about our other products and services.

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