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CRS-epos systems Q&A

What areas do you cover?

We Supply EPOS Systems to business throughout Suffolk, Essex & Norfolk

Do you support your EPOS Systems?

YES! All of our EPOS Systems come with full support from our experienced engineers.

Do you come to site?

YES! We come to site to install our systems and to support them! We are not just a phone based company we supply good old fashioned in person support.

Can we pay monthly?

YES! We offer a competitive rental price which means no large upfront cost just a set monthly fee!

How do we enquire?

Call us on 01473 723515

or email us!

Are you more expensive than online EPOS?

When you look at what is included in our EPOS systems and the ongoing costs of online EPOS supplies we are very competitive on price 

How long does your EPOS System last?

We supply robust EPOS Systems that will last for years and years!

Do I need internet for my EPOS?

No none of our system rely on internet connection and will work perfectly without however some bolt ons require the internet.

Do you just supply large businesses?

NO! We supply a wide range of businesses with a system that suits them, we do not over sell! We make sure you get everything you need with room to grow!

CRS-epos your local EPOS Dealer.

Making EPOS simple since 1975

Supplied - Serviced - Supported

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