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Uniwell have been in the EPOS industry for over 40 years always providing cutting edge POS embedded software.

TOP 5 features of a Uniwell EPOS Systems

Functionality - Uniwell EPOS has been designed with business in mind! Packed full of features to aid any business from a restaurant to a dry cleaner.

Longevity - Uniwell EPOS has always been made to last with an expected life of over ten years! An EPOS system should not just be for today but for years to come!

Robustness - Uniwell EPOS is built to last and be used day in day out! Uniwell has always been at the forefront of quality EPOS hardware made to be used and last. 

Security - Uniwell EPOS has built-in clerk security as well as being Uniwell’s proprietary embedded software, there is no tangible threat of viruses, information leaks or unwanted updates.

Simplicity - Uniwell EPOS is designed to be simplistic, easy to use and intuitive for all. Pair this with a CRS-epos epos system setup you have one power and useable EPOS system from day one.


Bellow is a short video of the Uniwell EPOS software in action at The Fox Inn ( our showroom )

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