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Zero Waste Scales


Zero Waste Scales

What are Zero Waste Scales?

Zero waste scales are a small part in tackling a much larger problem. They are a critical aid in helping us as a community to cut down on one use packaging and making our world a more sustainable world.


So how does it work?

CRS-epos Self service zero waste scales allow your customers, to use their containers to collect only as much of a product as they need, work out the weight of this product and then check out and pay for the products they have collected.

What is the process?

1 - Customer weighs their container on the scale producing a tare 

2 - They fill their container with your product

3 - They reweigh their container to work out the weight of the product they have collected and print a sticker.

4 - They check out and pay

'CRS-epos has been supplying Scales throughout Suffolk, Essex & Norfolk for over 45 years! From a small shop scale to a linked labelling system!'

Call us today to talk to an experienced engineer about your scale needs! We will be able to recommend the best system for your business! 

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