Bellow is a step by step of how any of our systems are taken from order to Install!

  1. Once a system is agreed upon we send an email detailing everything we need to setup up your system.

  2. One of our experienced engineer team then sits down with your system and programs every product & price and lay the system out in a methodical manor.

  3. All components of you system is tested & checked.

  4. A second engineer goes through your whole machine making sure its all correct.

  5. For large installs we contact you to arrange a suitable date to come to site for a pre install visit to make sure when we come to install everything goes in without incident.

  6. We arrange a date for install.

  7. One of our engineers team comes to site to install and test the system.

  8. The engineers now train you & your staff fully on the system.

  9. Then we are only ever a phone call, email or a visit away to help support and adapt your system as you grow.

So a CRS-epos system comes fully programmed setup and customised to my needs?

YES! Exactly that, we take the upmost pride in not just supplying a system and letting you get on with it. We provide a great quality service with experienced engineers that will look after you from day one and every day after that.


Powerful reports at your finger tips where ever you are


Built in fraud security and management with so much more.

Online ordering for customers from web or your own app

Quality reliable EPOS hardware that will not let you down


Why not reward your loyal customers!


Integrated chip & pin saving time and money