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A loyalty-focused, customer card solution offers a huge range of advantages for any business, and has become an integral component of many big name high-street brands all over the country and the world. Could you benefit from a Customer Loyalty scheme? Here at CRS, we have a range of solutions that help ensure your business can quickly and easily implement the perfect loyalty/discount card system for your customers. So how does it work, and how could Loyalty become a real asset to the way your business succeeds?

Of course, a loyalty or cashless payment system’s chief and most obvious advantage is customer retention. Giving something back to your customers creates a unique bond that ensures they think of you first in the future. Similarly though the system can boost speed of service and convenience, it can increase sales visibility offering a range of important metrics to assess, and it can foster an increased turnover by securing repeat business.


Powerful reports at your finger tips where ever you are


Built in fraud security and management with so much more.


Online order from customers from the web or your app

Quality reliable EPOS hardware that will not let you down


Sit back relax we've got this one


Integrated chip & pin saving time and money

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