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EPOS as easy as pie?

How easy is it to change prices on your touchscreen?

We would say as easy as pie, but don't just take our word for it!

Bellow is a quick video showing you how to change the prices on a draught beer. ( So the pint & 1/2 pint price! )

Steps in the video.

  1. Exit Sales mode

  2. Enter Program mode with your programming clerk.

  3. Press keyboard & Ok

  4. Find the Draught Beer you want to change the price off and double click

  5. Select the 1st@Price and change the price to your new price ( this is the pint price )

  6. Select the 2nd@Price and change the price to your new price ( this is the 1/2 pint price )

  7. Press exit

  8. Press the 'X' to exit programming

  9. Press sales mode

  10. You are now done ! Just like that price changed.

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