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COVID19 Support

COVID19 Support

16th of March 2019, the day we went into Lockdown 1.0, we were faced with all of our hospitality customers closing. As a small family run business, we understood how devastating this was going to be for our hospitality customers. We took the early decision to implement a 'Rental Holiday' for our rental customers. We knew in the grand schemes of things the rental of an EPOS system is by no means the most expensive expense but we knew every little mattered.

Throughout the lockdowns and restrictions by no mean did we stop supporting our customers, we reduced our staff working and where possible utilised remote work. But we were determined to help support our essential customers in the operating of their business and in turn supporting our communities.

We are currently in Lockdown 3.0 ( January the 14th 2020 ) and we are continuing the vital support to all of our customers whilst helping businesses adapt to the new normal and changing the way they are operating their businesses to aid the community and more importantly keep COVID at bay.

Bellow is just a few of our customers kind words regarding our support efforts,

" We appreciate your understanding at this difficult time and would like to say a wholehearted thank you for this gesture of goodwill. " - A group of individual Suffolk venues.

" Just wanted to thank you for this pro-active move. " - A Suffolk community centre

" Thank you that is the best news this week by far. " - A Suffolk Village Pub

" Hi all at CRS many thanks shame there are not more out there so willing to help. " - A Suffolk Cafe


'Did you know even though CRS-epos is a small local family business we have a wealth of knowledge and a long list of happy customers just this year we have supported over 600 customers.'

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