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Rugby Club EPOS

In September 2021 we upgraded one of our rental Rugby Clubs to the newest EPOS solution we offer!

The rugby club in South Norfolk had been using Key station cash registers from ourselves for many years but wanted a solution to make things easier.

So it started with a site visit from Robert to go through the different EPOS option for this rugby club and demonstrate each one. We still believe that is it important that our customer can see a solution before going ahead with it, a little bit like a test drive. To see if it will suit their needs and aid them in making sales simple not over complicating it.

The solution they ended up going for was ICRTouch Touchpoint EPOS solution connected to TouchOffice Web for cloud reporting & linking into a Webshop (Byretail) to help sell membership and club lunches. Our team then took the time to carefully program all their products, membership and lunches in a methodical way to create a uniquely tailored EPOS System for their club.

As always the system was laid out simplistically to aid the users to be able to process transactions quickly.

The system also had 500 membership cards, that allowed for members to get a discount on their drinks! With auto renewal of memberships done on the till this will save the admin team hours of work at the start of a new membership year.

With ticketing incorporated to the online webshop they are now able to manage and sell tickets for match lunches from one place, helping keep on top of the admin. The system allow both Lunch tickets to deduct from one event total meaning that once the Maximum combined ticket are sold the event will be sold out.

This ticketing system will also be utilised for their Christmas balls & End of season parties! It is fully integrated with Touchpoint meaning all sales will add into their totals, as well as giving them in-depth reporting on how the Lunch events go!

This is not the first Rugby club we have put ICRtouch into, it is quickly becoming a popular option in the rugby club community due to the incredibly vast amount of functions capable in the system and the way we can tailor it to your club needs to help you make the most of your customers, by speeding up the serving process.

Contact us today to see how we could aid your Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk Rugby club with a quality EPOS System tailored to your needs to help make sales simple.

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