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POS (Point of Sale)

What is POS?

In short POS stands for Point of Sale, this can come in many forms. ( POS is also sometimes called EPOS Electronic Point of Sale)

From a simple Cash Register like

a brass cash register from around the 1900's, To todays technology, bellow an HX5500 Touchscreen POS.

So as I am sure you probably know the choice in POS (point of sale) is vast. Whilst choosing the best one to suit you business needs and aid in your efficiency is crucial. To help you out I am going to go over a few points that you should keep in mind whilst looking at any POS system.

  1. Reliability - This is crucial is the POS reliable? If it is not then what use is any feature when you can not use the POS due to a technical error? ( Its no use! You would be better with pen and paper, well that's what you will be using if your POS is not reliable!)

  2. Support - Okay so let's face it no POS solution is going to be 100% reliable for different reasons, like a power cut or just a faulty printer, but how good it the support that comes with the solution? Do you have to spend hours on the phone at a time just to speak to someone? Send emails and get no responses? Or is there good old fashioned personal support? (A smaller local POS provider will without doubt be able to give you the best support and understand how important that is for their customers)

  3. Functionality - Does the system aid your business? Is there functions that will make your trading easier? Does the POS supplier set up the system for you not just send it in a box. If a POS supplier sets the POS solution up for you they know the solution inside out and can help guide you and your POS solution to make the most of every functionality.

  4. Subscriptions - What is the true cost of the system and support? Do you have to pay on going monthly software subscriptions or support for the entirety of the system or once bought is it yours? Sometimes outlaying more on initial purchase will save you money in the long run! A system that costs you £1250 one of charge only ever will cost you that! a system that costs £650, Plus a monthly support charge of £30 plus a monthly Software charge of £20 will cost you £1250 in the first year but then £600 for the next year and so on!

  5. Reliance - Have you ever had your internet stopped working for a day or a week? I know I have but the last thing you want is this to stop you POS solution from working! A Pos system should not be reliant on the internet it should be able to allow you to make sales on your counter with or without Internet. (Unfortunately if you have a power cut most if not all POS systems will stop working)

  6. Support Local - I am a big advocate of support local where you can, from shopping at local independent shops for groceries or gifts. We make our high streets! But I also believe these Shops have their duty to to Support Local! Where possible using Local suppliers, reaching out to local tradesmen. Why not call your local POS supplier? Yes there is small local POS suppliers around the country! We are one! We are based in Ipswich and Support Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex with POS solutions! Call us today to see how we could help your business or better go to a search engine. Search EPOS Supplier and then your county! See who's close to you.

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