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Munchies Aldeburgh 

Lockdown 3.0 - EPOS upgrade & more!

Susie at Aldeburgh Munchies came to us during lockdown 3.0 in search of a cohesive EPOS system to help her adapt her business operations in this new normal we are living in. Susie has been doing amazing work in her community during this terrible year offering doorstep delivery ready meals, with this in mind with her Aldeburgh Cafe, Restaurant we offered an all in one solution to make Munchies Sales Simple.

So What Was The Solution?

A three part solution! All integrated together.

Part One

EPOS System for the counter. We have installed an ICRTouch EPOS system, fully programmed with Aldeburgh Munchies program we extracted from her old EPOS system. This means that from day one everything was ready to go! 

Part Two

Online Ordering App for Takeaway, Ready Meals & when the time comes order at table! The Aldeburgh Munchies App is live! A great asset to Munchies allowing customers to preorder for takeaway collections at home or even at the beach! Any orders placed then immediately hits the EPOS terminal printing tickets. Orders can then be managed on the commander app for full control.

Part Three

Cloud Back Office, the final and most powerful part of the system. Cloud Back office allows Susie to keep track of all aspects of her business on the go, at home and at her establishment. 

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