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Fish and Chip EPOS

Fish and Chip EPOS - What makes the perfect Fish and Chip EPOS System? The perfect Fish and Chip EPOS system is one that increases efficiency and customer satisfaction. Here at CRS-epos we believe that our EPOS system will aid any Fish and Chip shop in their day to day running!

TOP FEATURES OF a CRS-epos Fish and chip EPOS system

Ease of use - all of our EPOS systems are set up by an experienced engineer to ensure it is methodically laid out and perfect for a high customer throughput environment.
Feature-rich - a great Fish and Chip EPOS system needs to be able to aid you! With Online Ordering, Kitchen Printing, Cloud Back Office, Itemized receipts and much more.
Online Ordering - yes our EPOS system links directly into online ordering with 0 % Commision!
Digital Menus - display your products in your shop! Laid out methodically and with prices!

These are just a few features which we think make the perfect Fish and Chip EPOS system.

Contact us today to see how we could aid your Fish and Chip Shop with a quality EPOS system tailored to your needs!

01473 723515


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