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Bicycle Shop

Why CRS-epos? Here at CRS-epos we have one aim and that's to supply and support the very best EPOS Systems to our customers to make their day to day trading easier!

What makes the perfect Cycle shop EPOS System? Here is what we think is key for a quality Suffolk Cycle shop EPOS System!

Quality Hardware - Why?
Quality hardware means less downtime of your EPOS System, increased reliability and longer-lasting than poorly made cheaper alternatives. This is important because in your establishment you need to trust your EPOS system is going to function at you busiest time!

Functionality - Why?
The functionality of your EPOS System is key, being able to make sales is of course the most important function but what about other functions? Kitchen Print, Deposits, Stock Control, Customer Loyalty, Back Office & much much more

Support - Why?
An EPOS System is as only as good as the support that is alongside it. We fully support our EPOS Systems so you can get the most out of it! Utilise all the features and not spend hours trying to figure things out for yourself! We understand the value of your time and typically aid in programming queries or troubleshooting within seconds! ( well as quickly as we can pick up our phone or reply to your email ) We also offer onsite support for any Suffolk Cycle shop EPOS system!

Enquire today to see how we could help your Suffolk Cycle Shop EPOS needs.


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