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Good question, in our office we have had a discussion about what we think makes the best EPOS System on the market. 

1. Reliable - The best EPOS System on the market must be reliable, it must work and perform to its full day to day for years to come. 

2. User Friendly - The best EPOS System must be easy to use, transactions should be intuitive and not complicated. A good EPOS System should speed up your check out process whilst reducing errors.

3. Packed full of features - If an EPOS System can not do the basics as well as other in-depth features then is it any good? It needs to be able to adapt with you allowing you to grow with the system.

4. Come with good support - We feel many people forget about this when looking for an EPOS System if it turns up in a box what do you do with it? Surely the best EPOS System comes pre programmed, setup and tested before being installed by an engineer and full staff training?

5. Value for money - The best EPOS System can not be over your budget, the best EPOS System should be affordable for all, but not be missing key features.

6. Make your life easier - The end goal of any good EPOS System is to make your job easier aid in sales and reporting and take the stress out of making sales.

Do you think we missed any important key features about the best EPOS System?

Contact us to see how a quality EPOS System could aid you and your business today!

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CRS-epos has been supplying the best quality EPOS systems to its customers for over 40 years.

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Supporting businesses throughout Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk.

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