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What is POS or EPOS?

When looking to start a business there is many things you need to get to grips with one of which is how your going to take orders and payment at your counter, this is where POS or EPOS comes in!

POS means Point of Sale - So in other words a way of making a sale and collecting the appropriate payment for it.

EPOS mean Electronic Point of Sale - So in other words its much like POS but with some element of Electronics.

So does a POS or EPOS System have to be expensive and confusing?

No a POS system can be as simple as a cash register or till on your counter that you can simply add up products to come to a total of a sale and you can receive payments. Then at the end of a day it will give you a total of all the sales you have done for the day.

An entry level Cash register or Till cost in the region of £200 + VAT or with CRS-epos rental around the £12 a month.

However CRS-epos POS and Epos systems to get more advance than a simple cash register. The latest terminals come with cloud reporting, tables , customers, online ordering and much much more! Contact us today to see how we could supply you the perfect POS or EPOS solution for your business!

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