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CRS-epos New ICRTOUCH Skin 💻

We have been busy working away updating our standard skin for ICRTOUCH Touchpoint! 🤩

Bellow are a few screenshots of what its looking like!

What do you think?

New Fonts, Colours, Layouts & More! we have used our decades of experience to put together a sophisticated skin with all the functions your business might need. Use a different function more often than one that's on the main screen? No problem, we customise all our customers skins to their businesses making sure that Sales really are Simple.

We are loving our new ICRTOUCH Skin and so are our customers! With lots of recent installs going out with this skin we have had only positive feedback from our customers.

Contact us today to see how we could supply you the very best ICRtouch Epos system and skin for your business!

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