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Green Grocer EPOS

A recent install, fruit and veg shop upgrading to touchscreens running ICRTouch Touchpoint! Linked back to cloud back office, scales, rear screens & scanners.

Global Fruits in Ipswich came to us looking for a complete EPOS solution that will give them greater control of their sales whilst making the sales as efficient and simple as possible. We demonstrated the ICRTouch system in our showroom, which was linked up to a scale enabling weighed sales along side scalable items to be sold quickly and efficiently.

With the guys from Global Fruits we decided it would be best to pole mount the touchscreens on their counters enabling the scale to sit bellow the touchscreen to keep the system compact and tidy. The whole system was setup in our workshop and tested by our engineers before Darrell & Chris went down one morning to get the whole system installed and the Global Fruits team trained fully on the system.

I have to say I am particularly proud of our team for this install, we have already had another order for an identically system for another fruit and veg shop in Woodbridge! If you would like to see if this system might suit your business please do contact us on 01473 723515.

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