Things to Think About When Choosing Stretch Film for Your Overwrapping Machine

For most businesses, even the smaller ones, wrapping for shipping purposes is a very familiar process. This is due to the fact that the unitising of products – waiting until they’re accumulated in large quantities before shipping – is a much more cost efficient way to make deliveries. Yet, it also comes with the risk of greater losses if a shipment is damaged or ends up in the wrong place.

Therefore, robust, sturdy wrapping methods are needed to ensure that quantities of product stay securely packaged and protected throughout transit. You can make this process much easier with an automated overwrapper machine. A high-quality overwrapper in Ipswich is a sound investment for any business, but it is a particularly useful asset if you have to ship fragile or perishable items.

This guide to picking the right kind of stretch film for your overwrapping machine will give you some helpful advice.

Primary Cost Comparisons

When discussing prices with a stretch film vendor, it can be difficult to make useful comparisons between an existing product and a potential one. It isn’t just about the size or amount of film that you buy. For instance, films with a higher gauge tend to be cheaper per pound, as they cost less to make. The plastic resins that they contain are of a slightly lower quality than the high-performance films. On the other hand, the costlier films commonly weigh less and, as most stretch films are sold by the pound, this is worth considering.

Standard or High Performance

As stretch film products for overwrapping machines have become more sophisticated, less focus has been placed on thickness (or gauge). Nowadays, it is perfectly possible to have a very lightweight film that is also very strong. So, when buying for an overwrapper in Ipswich, you’ve got to think about the whole picture. Standard (true gauged) film can provide a surprising amount of tear resistance and strength, but it also produces more waste.

Economy or micron stretch film represents a small step down from true gauge, but it is still strong, durable, and very affordable. It also produces a minimal amount of waste. Hybrid or multilayer stretch film is a common substitute for lighter gauge products, but it has more layers and is stiffer. This makes it less malleable and a little more prone to tears.

A Clear Aesthetic

It is worth thinking about how you want your products to look after they have been wrapped, whether this is for the purposes of a delivery or for direct sale. Most produce vendors – and businesses that sell meat, sandwiches, pastries, and other edible goods – opt for completely transparent film and packaging options. This is because all customers want to be able to look at what they’re buying and visually inspect its quality on an independent level. On the other hand, there are different types of film available for overwrappers. You don’t have to work with clear products if it doesn’t suit.

Machine or Manual Film

For most businesses, an automatic or semi-automatic overwrapper is the best choice. It saves a substantial amount of time and frees up labour for more important and pressing tasks. It is also an effective way to further minimise waste so that profits aren’t being lost unnecessarily. There is also an inevitable leap in quality control and this is very important, particularly for businesses that handle food. It is imperative that all perishable products are securely wrapped and arrive at their destination intact.

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