Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Meat Grinder

The commercial meat grinder is a humble machine. It is not as glamorous as the pasta maker or as ‘all round’ as the microwave, but it gets the job done. It is a hefty piece of kit, a machine that can process food at a high speed and pressure. So, it is very important that you pick the right meat grinder when it comes time to shop for your ideal machine.

It can be tricky to distinguish the good from the great when browsing for sausage fillers, mincers, and other devices. This is particularly true if you have never bought a meat grinder before. This is something that lots of commercial kitchens do use, but it is not essential. You only really need a commercial meat grinder if you are preparing ingredients in quantities that are too large for manual manufacturing.

This guide to the most important things to consider when buying a commercial meat grinder will help you make the right decision.

Consider Your Quantities

This is the single most important factor when shopping for a meat grinder. As commercial machines come in a variety of different sizes, dimensions, and speeds, you need to match your choice with your requirements. The amount of meat that you will be grinding, each day, should dictate how large your machine is and how fast it operates.

So, for example, if you run a restaurant kitchen, you might need a larger machine. If you only run a café or very small eatery, however, a modest sized meat grinder will likely be enough. Picking the right device is essential, because you don’t want to end up with a great, big hulking machine that you hardly ever use.

Try to Stay in Budget

Again, how much you spend on a meat grinder will depend on how often you need to use it. For large kitchens, more costly devices, with a range of different functions, are going to be valuable. On the other hand, smaller kitchens may well be better off opting for a modest machine, with very basic functions.

It is worth taking a close look at a broad selection of different machines, because meat grinders can be a little deceptive when it comes to cost. For instance, there are lots of pricey machines that seem like a splurge, but actually offer great savings on electricity consumption and time.

Pick a Low Maintenance Machine

You must pick a machine that is very easy to clean. Whether this means that the individual parts pull out with little effort or a special attachment is included for scrubbing crevices; hygiene is paramount. If you cannot keep the meat grinder clean, you put the health of your customers and diners at risk.

Ideally, you do want a device with pull out components, so that you can easily scrub the inside and remove stray morsels of food. However, devices without this function can still be a good choice, just so long as they aren’t prone to grime in hard to reach places. Pick a meat grinder with a stainless steel interior, because the material is simple to clean and disinfect.

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