EPOS Systems: How to Make Sure You Get the Right One

It’s safe to assume that shopping for EPOS systems comes far down on the list of enjoyable activities for business owners in Suffolk. The reality is that it can be a stressful job. Not only is finding the right technology getting harder by the day, implementing it is a complex affair. It requires time, money, and patience; three things which SMEs hate to lose.

While EPOS systems represent a sizeable capital investment, they have the potential to boost sales and increase efficiency. They lead to more accurate pricing, better stock control, and tangible savings on employee time and accounting. So, regardless of the intricacies involved in selecting one, it needs to be a perfect fit.

This guide to picking the right EPOS system will help you invest in the future of your business.

Compatible Hardware

If this is your first EPOS system, being introduced to all the different options might be a little daunting. What you cannot do is assume that, just because many of the products look similar on the outside, they haven’t got much to differentiate themselves.

In many cases, the POS hardware is very distinct and this is what you should be basing your decision on. After all, it’s not the size of the till drawer that limits small businesses in our increasingly digital world. Make sure that hardware and software form a compatible match.

Simple Features

When shopping, it can be tempting to invest in all the fancy bells and whistles you can find, but they don’t guarantee an efficient setup. For point of sale, strength of function will always win out. You must prioritise this above all else. If you own a fast food outlet, you need speed.

If you’re pushed for physical space or your store tends to fill up quickly, your EPOS system needs to be able to manage queues with speed and simplicity. Ultimately, you’ll only get value from the technology if it has a practical use, so leave the complex accessories behind.

Scalable Technology

Twenty years ago, it might have made sense to opt for a one time purchase. Now, paying for a ‘complete’ package is a fast track to slow growth. Ideally, you want to be looking at POS systems with fully scalable architectures. This means access to high quality updates.

Even if you don’t sign up to a subscription package, try to find a provider that is still working on their product. When big developments like Apple Pay and LevelUp come along, your vendor should be committed to providing easily accessible upgrades.

Customer Service

Whether this is your first or third EPOS system, there’s a good chance that it will end up teaching you something new. In general terms, this is something to appreciate. You just don’t want to have to learn the lesson on a busy weekend, with a hundred customers in the shop.

Fortunately, this is where IT support teams come in and the best products offer quick access to their knowledge and expertise. While you don’t have to pick a setup with technical support included as standard, it is strongly recommended. It is a lifeline when you’re in a sticky spot.

For more advice on shopping for EPOS systems in Suffolk, click here to visit CRS EPOS. Or, call 01473 396037 to speak to a representative and request a cost estimate for your business.

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