Getting to Grips with Basic Meat Processing Tools

No matter how big the size of your commercial kitchen, meat is likely to play a big part in its daily operation. From sausages to steaks, minced meat to pork chops; customers love meat and they order a lot of it. To be able to serve them, you need the right processing equipment. It should be sturdy, of a high quality, and easy to dismantle for thorough cleaning. Fortunately, there are lots of excellent vendors selling state of the art processing tools right now.

The first place to start is with what you need; which meat processing devices are going to be useful to your kitchen? It is important to know what each piece of equipment does and why, so that you can make the right decisions. The most common are the meat saw, meat grinder, sausage stuffer, and the meat mixer. Depending on what you want to serve on your menu, you may need all of them or just a couple.

This guide to the most common meat processing machines will help you get to grips with the basics and start supplying your kitchen.

Sausage Stuffers

The sausage stuffer is one of the most popular types of meat processing machine, precisely because sausages are a big hit in commercial eateries. They are cheap to produce and can be made in a wide variety of forms and flavours, so customers love them. This machine is designed to quickly fill sausage casing. Doing the job manually is extremely arduous, which means that a sausage stuffer is often the only viable way to offer this product commercially.

Meat Saws

You’ll need a meat saw if you work with large amounts of meat that need precision cutting into the most valuable parts. Generally, only butchers and restaurants that process their meat directly from the farm will need a saw of this kind. They are very strong and can cut through bone quickly. Appropriate safety measures must be put in place for the use of this machine, as a way to prevent accidents in the kitchen.

Meat Grinders

Meat grinders are an essential part of breaking beef, lamb, and other meats down into mince for burgers, bolognese, chilli, and other recipes. They are especially useful because leftover pieces of bigger cuts can be ground down and made into something valuable, rather than wasted. All that a chef or kitchen hand has to do is fill the machine and add the right combination of herbs and spices.

Meat Mixers

This machine can be used to produce processed products like deli meats, sausages, and burgers. It combines, grinds, and mixes, so that different components can be brought together evenly and smoothly. It can be a more practical alternative to a sausage stuffer, but if your kitchen is planning to produce a large amount of sausages, a targeted device is the best option, rather than one with broader specifications.

How to Find High Quality Meat Processing Tools

You should be looking to work with an experienced provider that can offer you high quality equipment, at affordable prices. While brand names aren’t everything – there are plenty of reliable but less established manufacturers – if you are unsure, stick to the highly regarded brands. You can find out what these are by doing a little bit of independent research or browsing the meat processing section of your chosen vendor.

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