Reppin’ That Food Prep: How to Choose the Right Electric Meat Slicer

The food service industry moves at a breakneck pace. It is the same whether you are waiting on customers in a fancy restaurant, serving comfort food in a village café, or putting together breakfast sandwiches. Keeping up is everything, and this is why commercial kitchens rely so heavily on food preparation tools.

One tool which has become invaluable for many kitchens is the electric meat slicer. These powerful machines make short work of food prep for sandwich bars, deli counters, cafes, butcher shops, and restaurants. So, if you run a small kitchen and do not have one, it could be time to shop for a high-quality meat slicer in Suffolk.

Pick Your Intensity

When looking for a commercial meat slicer in Suffolk, the first step is to identify your needs. Most products can be roughly grouped into one of three categories – light, medium, or heavy duty. Your choice will depend on how you intend to use the machine and what type of meat you want to prepare with it.

Light duty slicers are pretty sturdy, but they are not designed for consistently heavy use. Stick with one of these machines if you occasionally need to cut sandwich meats or cheese, but consider a tougher model for handling large amounts of food. For most kitchens, a medium duty slicer is more than enough to meet demand.

Choose the Right Dimensions

It is also worth thinking about things like blade size, voltage, and capacity. While you might not be cutting up huge hunks of ham or beef on a regular basis, it is best to pick a slicer which can deal with the largest amounts that the kitchen handles.

For example, to completely slice a ten pound Virginia ham, you would need a machine with a tray capacity of ten pounds or more. Similarly, to cut a beef joint which is twelve inches in diameter, the blade has to be a minimum of twelve inches long.

Make Maintenance a Priority

When you find a slicer in Suffolk which seems to fulfil your requirements, ask yourself how easy it is to clean. Good hygiene is paramount in all areas of a commercial kitchen, but it is particularly important for electric machinery. Gadgets and appliances have lots of seams, nooks, and recesses where dirt finds it easy to accumulate.

This is why the best meat slicers come with detachable components. For instance, you should be able to carefully unhook the blade for easy cleaning in a sink or dishwasher. It will save you time, ensure that awkwardly shaped areas of the machine stay hygienic, and it will help the components to last longer.

Be Sensible About Size

The full size of the meat slicer will determine where you install it in the kitchen. If you work in a very small or narrow space, it might not be sensible to splash out on a heavy duty machine because they tend to be quite bulky. Your purchase should fit smoothly into the kitchen without getting in the way or causing an obstruction.

This is particularly important when it comes to cords and electrical cables. Make sure, before you start using the new slicer, that it is placed on a completely level surface. It should not rock or move around when in operation. Most models come with a variety of safety measures, including finger guards and emergency controls.

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