6 Reasons Why Fixed POS Systems Won’t Be Replaced By Mobile Technology

For the modern business owner, mobile is everything. If tech experts are to be believed, pretty much every aspect of commerce will be replaced with mobile technology at some point. Is this really the case, though? There is plenty of evidence to show that, while mobile may be king, consumers in Bury St Edmunds still want the best of both worlds.

They want choice and who is to say that they don’t deserve it? According to recent research, consumers have a more complex relationship with mobile POS than you might think. In fact, many show still a distinct preference for static POS systems. They offer familiarity and security, so it is a good idea to keep them centre stage.

This guide to all the reasons why mobile POS isn’t about to supersede static systems will give you some insight into market demand.

Perceived Security

When shopping for high quality cash registers for your Bury St Edmunds business, think about the fact that most shoppers associate static POS with safety and security. In reality, mobile systems aren’t any less secure, but it is consumer perceptions and intentions which drive demand. Certainly, when it comes to credit cards, most people feel more at ease using stationary terminals.

Greater Reliability

Stationary POS terminals are more reliable, because they don’t depend on that all important connection to the internet. These days, connection speeds are very impressive and outages are rare (if you pay for a good service), but they are a possibility. Wireless networks simply don’t achieve the same level of reliability as hardwired ones.

Reduced Liability

It is also worth thinking about how much easier it is to misplace or have mobile POS devices stolen. It actually happens all the time in big department stores and it poses a significant risk to customer privacy and security. At least with a static POS station, you’re never going to lose track of the place where company and customer data is being stored.

Increased Longevity

Traditional cash registers might not have all the bells and whistles of a cutting edge mobile tablet, but they offer great value for money. In this particular context, it can be a false economy to believe that newer technologies are more cost efficient. Ultimately, they can’t be, because tablets and other handheld devices become obsolete after two or three years and need replacing. If you invest in a solid static POS system, it could last a decade.

Larger Monitors

While mobile devices and tablets have the advantage of portability (they can be taken directly to the customer), they are also limited by their size. Legibility and ergonomics can have a big impact on efficiency, particularly during peak periods. Traditional POS systems come with broad, easy to use displays. Staff can interact with many different items on one screen and access multiple options at speed.

Superior Processing Power

Finally, don’t forget that mobile devices are not yet capable of the same processing feats as stationary systems. Therefore, if you want to run sophisticated software, static POS is the only viable option. Technically, you have access to unlimited RAM and processing power, because it is relatively easy to update and upgrade stationary computers.

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