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From January 2019 we are now closed on Saturday mornings but are happy to open for customers by appoitnment, please contact the office.

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What is the best cash register for a small business

If you’re a small business owner looking for a cash register, we’ve rounded up the best registers for small businesses that we offer to make your decision easier.

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Key advantages of using a cloud based Point of Sale System

Cloud based Point-of-sale systems offer plenty of advantages, especially to small businesses. Mobile and simple, with safety and security guaranteed, a lot of business owners are moving to the cloud.

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The Benefits of Using EPOS Systems in Pubs and Restaurants

Running a pub or restaurant can be hectic enough as it is without your cash management system causing problems along the way. To help everything run smoothly and get the most out of your business, using an EPOS systems is the best way forward.

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A Simple Guide to the Sale of Packaged Goods in the UK

The word ‘retail scale’ can sound a bit old fashioned these days. It conjures up images of sweet shops and traditional meat counters, with big bronze devices ready to tot up your total. This is because, although commercial scales are still a big part of many businesses in Colchester, they’ve changed a great deal over the years.

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How have cash registers improved efficiency for small businesses?

Since its invention, the cash register (or till) has streamlined customer interaction and improved efficiency for both the business and the customer. When starting out a small business, an electronic cash register is cheaper than starting out with a point of sale system, and you have the option of upgrading to POS as your business grows. Staff can easily use the till with minimal training.

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EPOS Systems: How to Make Sure You Get the Right One

It’s safe to assume that shopping for EPOS systems comes far down on the list of enjoyable activities for business owners in Suffolk. The reality is that it can be a stressful job. Not only is finding the right technology getting harder by the day, implementing it is a complex affair. It requires time, money, and patience; three things which SMEs hate to lose.

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6 Reasons Why Fixed POS Systems Won’t Be Replaced By Mobile Technology

For the modern business owner, mobile is everything. If tech experts are to be believed, pretty much every aspect of commerce will be replaced with mobile technology at some point. Is this really the case, though? There is plenty of evidence to show that, while mobile may be king, consumers in Bury St Edmunds still want the best of both worlds.

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Reppin’ That Food Prep: How to Choose the Right Electric Meat Slicer 

The food service industry moves at a breakneck pace. It is the same whether you are waiting on customers in a fancy restaurant, serving comfort food in a village café, or putting together breakfast sandwiches. Keeping up is everything, and this is why commercial kitchens rely so heavily on food preparation tools.

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Understanding Customer Loyalty Schemes: Why Giving Back Means Bigger Profits

The reason for this is very simple. Everybody likes to feel appreciated. When a new or long term customer is given a freebie, it tells them that you’re grateful for their time, attention, and money. They’re not just another number in your sales book. You care about them and you’re willing to go the extra mile to please them. Who wouldn’t want to stick with a company which treated them so well?
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Things To Think About When Choosing Stretch Film For Your Overwrapping Machine

For most businesses, even the smaller ones, wrapping for shipping purposes is a very familiar process. This is due to the fact that the unitising of products – waiting until they’re accumulated in large quantities before shipping – is a much more cost efficient way to make deliveries. Yet, it also comes with the risk of greater losses if a shipment is damaged or ends up in the wrong place. This guide to picking the right kind of stretch film for your overwrapping machine will give you some helpful advice
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The Ultimate Guide To Maintaining Commercial Meat Slicers

When it comes to commercial kitchen tools, a high quality meat slicer can end up being an invaluable recourse. Whether you run a small restaurant, a local café, or an artisanal deli, this kind of machine is great for speeding up orders and ensuring the consistency of your products. With the help of commercial meat slicers, kitchens can save money by saving time and manpower.
This handy guide is filled with hints and tips on the best ways to clean commercial meat slicers.
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What Do I Need To Set Up A Deli?

Setting up a deli is not a complicated process, if it is carefully planned. From getting the food hygiene certifications to purchasing equipment and marketing the business and designing signage, the new deli owner has to have everything in place for the day of opening. Below you will find advice and guidance on purchasing your equipment, including meat slicers and refrigerators to make the business a success.
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Getting to Grips with Basic Meat Processing Tools

No matter how big the size of your commercial kitchen, meat is likely to play a big part in its daily operation. From sausages to steaks, minced meat to pork chops; customers love meat and they order a lot of it. To be able to serve them, you need the right processing equipment. It should be sturdy, of a high quality, and easy to dismantle for thorough cleaning. Fortunately, there are lots of excellent vendors selling state of the art processing tools right now.
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4 Great Reasons to Use Laser Barcode Scanners in Your Store

The barcode scanner is something that most people don’t really think about. It’s just another convenience of modern life. It is there to make transactions move quickly and to ensure that mistakes aren’t made when charging customers. It is a common sight and a wholly underrated tool of the retail environment. Yet, what would happen if we didn’t have such sophisticated price capturing technologies to fall back on?
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Essential Equipment for Your First Butchery

To be a commercial butcher, you need more than just a desire to provide superior cuts of meat and excellent customer service. You need an impeccable work ethic. You also need the finest quality equipment that you can get your hands on. In fact, it’s easy to forget just how essential the equipment is; you can be the most passionate butcher in the world, but if you don’t have the right tools, you’re always going to struggle to maintain quality and efficiency.
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Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Meat Grinder

The commercial meat grinder is a humble machine. It is not as glamorous as the pasta maker or as ‘all round’ as the microwave, but it gets the job done. It is a hefty piece of kit, a machine that can process food at a high speed and pressure. So, it is very important that you pick the right meat grinder when it comes time to shop for your ideal machine.
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Why Your Commercial Kitchen Needs High Quality Mincing Equipment

If you have ever been inside the kitchen of a gourmet restaurant, you will know that things are a little bit different to what you see on television. It is a scene of controlled chaos. The chefs are yelling out orders like fish sellers at the beach. There are pieces of equipment on every surface. As fast as drips and stains appear, they are scooped up and eliminated. And in the midst of all this chaos, beautiful food still manages to make it out of the door.
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The Importance of Balancing Your Cash Registers

There are plenty of things in life which are not very exciting. You only have to think about filing out a tax return or grouting the tiles in a bathroom to be reminded that, sometimes, the important things are not always the most riveting. The same can be said for balancing a cash register in a retail store. It is unlikely to throw up any big surprises, but it represents an essential part of running a business.
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Staying in Control of the Cash Register Transactions in Your Store

It is not uncommon for a shopper to enter a store, attempt to pay with a large note, and get turned away. This can be deeply frustrating and it often feels like the cashier is just being fussy. However, there is a simple explanation for why even big stores sometimes struggle to handle large notes. It is also key to understanding the importance of rigorous cash register control for store owners.
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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cash Register for Your Business

If you run a product driven company, chances are you’ve had your fair share of clashes with troublesome cash registers. As with any electronic machine, retail tills and digital point of sale systems can be tricky to master and even harder to get along with if they are not well suited to everyday operations.
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Top Tips for Setting up Your First Pop-Up Shop

The pop-up shop is definitely having a bit of a moment right now. It seems like everywhere you look, in city centres all across the country, there are retailers grabbing space on every high street, in a bid to catch the attention of weekend shoppers. Whilst this trend for transient retail might have originated in London, it can now be seen in places like Manchester, Sheffield, Reading, and Ipswich.
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